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Manitoba Wildlands' Climate Change Reports page features publications from civil society groups, including non-government organizations (NGOs), environmental NGOs (ENGOs), faith groups, labour groups, industry and educational and research institutes. Although reports may come from anywhere in the world, our focus will be on Canadian sources.

We have tried to keep categories simple and clear. Some reports could go in more than one category, so if it is not found in one category, keep looking! Each month we will feature one or two new climate change reports in our 'Featured Report' box found below.

Manitoba Wildlands does not necessarily recommend or endorse the contents of publications we list here. The source/author of the report or other material is responsible for its content, factual basis and opinion(s) expressed within.

Ecosystem Status and Trends 2010
biodivcanada report cover
This 2010 assessment is a collaborative project of the Canadian federal, provincial and territorial governments. It forms part of Canada’s commitment to the Convention on Biological Diversity.
downloadDownload October 2010 Report (PDF), Website
Category: Impacts

Adaptation Awareness Energy Industry & Business Policy & Legal
Analysis & Audits Economy Impacts Peoples Science

Climate Change Adaptation: Lessons from Canadian NGOs
Pembina Institute report cover Pembina Institute
Five case studies outline how climate change can and is being incorporated by Canadian organizations in development and humanitarian work in order to increase resilience or decrease risk in vulnerable communities.
downloadDownload September 2010 Report (PDF)
Vulnerability Assessment of People, Livelihoods and Ecosystems in...
WWF India report cover WWF India - Living Ganga Programme
The Living Ganga programme aims to develop and implement strategies for sustainable energy and water resource development withinng the Ganga Basin, given climate Change implications.
downloadDownload August 2010 Report (PDF)
Climate Change Adaptation: The Pivotal Role of Water
UN World Water Assessment Programme report cover UN World Water Assessment Programme
Aims to draw attention to the critical importance of better water resources management in adapting to climate change.
downloadDownload June 2010 Report (PDF)
International action on adaptation and climate change: What roads...
German watch report cover German watch and WWF
Assesses the state of the adaptation negotiations under the UNFCCC after the Copenhagen climate summit. Compares June 2010 draft negotiating text to key essentials that an adaptation action framework requires to assist developing countries.
downloadDownload June 2010 Report (PDF), Website
Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change
thermometer National Academy of Science
The report calls for a national U.S. adaptation strategy to support and coordinate decentralized efforts.
downloadDownload May 2010 Report (PDF), Website
Adapting to Climate Change: A Call for Federal Leadership
Pew Center report cover Pew Center on Global Climate Change
This report highlights the important role of the U.S. federal government in reducing the vulnerability and strengthening the economy and natural resources in the face of climate change.
downloadDownload April 2010 Report (PDF), Website
Adapting to Climate Change: Analysing Role of Government
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs report cover Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
Provides a framework for analysing the role of Government in helping people and businesses adapt to projected changes in climate.
downloadDownload January 2010 Report (PDF), Website
Addressing the Humanitarian Challenges of Climate Change
IASC report cover The Inter-Agency Standing Committee
Case studies on climate change adaptation.
downloadDownload January 2010 Report (PDF), Website
Findings of the East Africa Humanitarian Climate Risk Management...
ORG report cover The International Research Institute for Climate and Society
Summarizes the findings of the East Africa Humanitarian Climate Risk Management Workshop, held February 23-24, 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya.
downloadDownload 2010 Report (PDF), Website
Governance for a Low-Carbon Society
Atomium Culture & Lund University report cover Atomium Culture & Lund University
Analysis, anticipation, and mitigation of challenges faced by governments in transitioning to a low carbon society.
downloadDownload December 2009 Report (PDF), Website
Adaptation Financing for Climate Change
house Brian Tomlinson
Sets out perspectives of donor financing for climate change adaptation with lessons from international CSO engagement and developing country governments on aid.
downloadDownload November 2009 Report (PDF), Website
The Gathering Storm: Will Asia Pacific Cities Adapt to Climate Change?
Nautilus Institute and the Global Cities Institute report cover Nautilus Institute and the Global Cities Institute
Workshop explores the challenges for Asia Pacific cities to adapt to climate change.
downloadDownload October 2009 Report (PDF), Website
Climate Change and Extreme Weather: Designing Adaptation Policy
Simon Fraser University report cover Simon Fraser University
Report analyses climate adaptation policies for two sectors that are particularly sensitive to extreme weather events - emergency management and infrastructure.
downloadDownload September 2009 Report (PDF), Website
Hardening Australia: Climate Change and National Disaster Resilience
thermometer Australian Strategic Policy Institute
Report encourages climate-hardening of critical infrastructure and an assessment climate change impacts on emergency services.
The Blue Revolution: Adapting to Climate Change
Copenhagen Climate Council report cover Copenhagen Climate Council
Highlights the urgent need for effective measures to protect the world's most vulnerable communities from the effects of floods, extreme weather, drought and rising sea levels.
downloadDownload June 2009 Report (PDF), Website
The Explosive U.S. Awakening to the Need for Adaptation
Susanne Moser report cover Susanne Moser
Report provides an historical overview of the concern with adaptation and the recent need for a comprehensive approach to managing the risks from climate change.
downloadDownload May 2009 Report (PDF), Website
Information for Effective Adaptation - A Practitioner's Manual
Kropp and Scholze report cover Kropp and Scholze
Provides insight on climate change information, its reliability, uncertainty and how we can communicate information to others in a credible way.
downloadDownload May 2009 Report (PDF), Website
Climate Risk Information
New York City report cover New York City
'New York City Panel on Climate Change'. Report highlights potential risks to the City's infrastructure from warmer temperatures, rising sea levels and extreme weather events.
downloadDownload February 2009 Report (PDF), Website
Climate Change 101: Adaptation
PEW logo Pew Center on Global Climate Change
Adaptation planning at the local, state and national levels can limit the damage caused by climate change. Part 2 of 8
downloadDownload January 2009 Report (PDF), Website
True North: Adapting Infrastructure to Climate Change in Northern...
NRTEE report cover National Round Table of the Environment and the Economy
Report makes recommendations to promote the resilience of northern infrastructure and its ability to adapt to a changing climate.
downloadDownload 2009 Report (PDF), Website
The Cost to Developing Countries of Adapting to Climate Change
earth image The World Bank
The costs of adaptation to climate change in developing countries will be in the order of US$75-100 billion per year for the period 2010 to 2050.
downloadDownload 2009 Report (PDF), Website

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Adaptation Awareness Energy Industry & Business Policy & Legal
Analysis & Audits Economy Impacts Peoples Science

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