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Premier Announces New Protected Areas

18 June 04

Premier Doer and Minister Stan Struthers On June 14, 2004 Manitoba's Premier announced additions to Manitoba's network of protected areas - the 11,310 ha Bell and Steeprock Canyons Protected Area, located within the Porcupine Provincial Forest, and the 15 ha Little George Island Ecological Reserve. He also announced the extension of interim protection for the 780,000 ha Poplar/Nanowin Rivers Park Reserve, which is part of the traditional territory of Poplar River First Nation. An expansion of the Rivers Provincial Park to include 50 ha of mixed grass prairie, and protection of 4,100 ha of tall grass prairie lands owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada were also part of the announcement.

Although the area of new protected land announced is relatively small, the announcement signified renewed commitment to Manitoba's Protected Areas Initiative (PAI). Premier Doer referred to upcoming projects related to the establishment of protected areas, including the joint Memorandum of Understanding for establishment of the Lowlands national park. The Premier also referred to new funds to support the continued work of the PAI. Currently one third of Manitoba's network of protected areas is in place across the province's natural regions.

In Manitoba protected areas are free from logging, mining, hydroelectric, oil and gas development as well as other activities that could significantly and adversely affect natural habitat. A protected area may be designated under any of several laws in Manitoba. Designation of a protected area does not affect the ability to exercise Treaty and Aboriginal rights.

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Photo: Premier Gary Doer and Conservation Minister Stan Struthers at press conference June 14, 2004
Source: Government of Manitoba

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