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Bi Pole III Information Lacking 26 September 08

MB Hydro logoManitoba Hydro, despite, usually holding downtown Winnipeg open houses for its projects, has decided that there will be no central Winnipeg open house.

Environmental Statements are not available for Bi Pole III standards. There is no indication what Environmental Assessment standards Bipole III would be held to.

No timetable has been made ready for the public environmental reviews, or for any of the stages of the licensing process. The options under discussion are only possible corridor options.

One open house in St. Norbert at the far south end of Winnipeg is not sufficient access for Winnipeggers. Winnipeg comprises 2/3 of Manitoba's population and a relevant level of public discussion and involvement is necessary for Manitoba Hydro to ethically conduct public consultation.

"Can we trust Manitoba Hydro's version of the outcomes from these open houses," says Gaile Whelan-Enns of Manitoba Wildlands, "when Manitoba Hydro seems to be going out of its way to keep Winnipeggers from participating?"

Little information regarding Bi Pole III is public. While the routing study is provided on their web site, Manitoba Hydro has not posted any of the information provided in the public open houses.

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View 2007 Manitoba Hydro Bipole III transmission study report (PDF)

Sources: Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Wildlands
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