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Park Reserves Extended - Manitoba Conservation 2 October 09

Manitoba Protected Areas Initiative logoChitek Lake Park Reserve, and Poplar-Nanowin Rivers Park Reserve have both seen their protected lands designation extended for five years as of September 28, 2009, under Manitoba's Parks Act.

Both park reserves were nominated as protected lands for Manitoba's Network of Protected Areas in 1998. Skownan First Nation requested protection from development for an area 3 times the park reserve size, a lands scope endorsed by the Manitoba Mining sector. Poplar River First Nation's nomination was for their traditional territory of 800,000 ha. Manitoba's Mining sector also agreed to this designation.

The new regulation means interim protection for these park reserves will be in place from 1999 to September 2014. Poplar River First Nation's lands management plan was the first, and is the only community based traditional lands plan from a First Nation on Manitoba's east side.

Gaile Whelan Enns, Manitoba Wildlands director commented, "It is unfortunate these extensions were required. Manitoba needs to both establish new protected areas in our boreal forest regions, and finalize decisions and planning for all interim protection designations."

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Sources: Manitoba Government
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