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After 30 Years - Water Power Licences 9 October 09

CEC & Manitoba Hydro logoManitoba Water Stewardship and Manitoba Hydro have started steps for permanent water power licences to allow water use for several dams in the Churchill River Diversion (CRD). The CRD has only interim licences for water power, and the dams have no environmental licences.

After the 2004 Wuskwatim environmental reviews and hearings Manitoba's Clean Environment Commission (CEC) recommended that "Manitoba Hydro should apply for the appropriate final licenses for these three operations under The Environment Act and The Water Power Act as soon as possible. (Recommendation 7.6)" Manitoba Wildlands, the Interfaith Tasks for on Hydro Development, and northern communities believe the CEC recommendation means both environmental and water power licensing must be done.

The CEC panel ultimately agreed with a public participants motion filed summer 2003, supported by public participants, that the Wuskwatim generation project area was insufficient, excluded impacts that would be felt elsewhere in the hydro (CRD) system.

A review of documents and correspondence shows that Manitoba Hydro is requesting the current interim water power licences be combined into one permanent licence, for 50 years.

Currently Manitoba Hydro maintains that the generation stations in its system do not need any environmental permits or licences. This view appears to be based on the age of the dams. The dams also were not grandfathered during the 1980s under Manitoba's Environment Act, as many other installations and plants were. No independant cumulative assessment of the CRD system, or generation stations throughout the province has been conducted.

View May 6, 2009 License Application (PDF)
View September 17, 2009 Consultation Agenda (PDF)
View September 17, 2009 Consultation Backgrounder (PDF)
View September 17, 2009 Consultation Community Confirmation Form (PDF)
View September 17, 2009 Costs Guideline (PDF)
View September 17, 2009 Consultation Framework (PDF)
View September 17, 2009 CRD Map (PDF)
View September 17, 2009 Consultation Planning (PDF)
View September 17, 2009 Presentation Slides (PDF)
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