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Poplar River Plan Posted With No Notice 4 January 11

Poplar River Management Plan cover In October, 2010 Manitoba Conservation announced that it would be posting the first lands plan from a First Nation involved in the future world heritage site on Manitoba's east side. That announcement was in relation to the new legislation regarding the east side, The East Side Traditional Lands Planning And Special Protected Areas Act.

Since then communities and interested stakeholders have watched for the posting of the Poplar River First Nation Lands Plan, Asatiwisipe Aki Management Plan.

As of January 4, 2011 the plan is searchable on the Manitoba government web site. Unfortunately there is no web page location, no press release or notification, no information as to review or providing comments, no public registry in place.

A similar problem occurred in November 2010 with a non survey for the planning area with respect to this Act. What is available is officially noted as not being a survey, and was only available some days after the planning area regulation - which listed the survey.

"The question to ask in this situation is whether or not our government is serious about protecting the east side, and serious about supporting community driven lands plans for traditional lands. Perhaps the same question applies to the future world heritage site. And existing concerns about access to information and public reviews in Manitoba simple multiply when this happens," commented Gaile Whelan Enns.

Full details as to notification, posting, timelines, review and public comments for review of lands plans from East Side First Nations will be, presumably, put in place immediately.

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Source: Manitoba Government
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