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In 2011 End Tax Breaks to Dirty Fuels! 25 January 11

Climate Action Network Climate Action Network Canada is asking Canadians to kick start 2011 by calling, e-mailing, or meeting with their MP to find out one simple thing: do they support ending the giveaway of over a billion dollars a year to oil companies?

The idea is to put pressure on Canada's Government, and to find out where every Member of Parliament in Canada stands on ending subsidies to fossil-fuel industries. Be sure to let Climate Action Network Canada know the results by e-mailing them at or by joining them on Facebook.

Canadian Parliament is set to resume on Jan. 31, with a budget expected in February or March. If lawmakers in Ottawa are looking for ways to reduce deficits and spending, it seems that subsidies to the oil, coal and gas industries are the best place to start. Analysis shows a total of $1.4 billion per year in Canadian federal tax breaks to the fossil fuel industry, with most going to dirty fuels such as the Alberta tar sands companies.

"Scientists are warning that we face disastrous consequences unless we reduce greenhouse gas emissions that come from burning fossil fuels. By subsidizing the fossil fuel industry, the Canadian government is delaying the conversion to clean energy that's needed to stabilize the Earth's climate.

Canadian taxpayers should not be giving money to highly profitable corporations," states Climate Action Network on their webpage.

67 national organizations have endorsed the call to end tax breaks to dirty fuels.

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Sources: Climate Action Network
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