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Lake Winnipeg Regulation Hearings Announced 9 July 11

lake winnipeg The Clean Environment Commission (CEC) will hold public hearings about regulation of Lake Winnipeg, according to a government of Manitoba press release issued July 5, 2011.

No information as to the terms of reference for the review and hearings are available. A letter on the CEC website is currently unreadable. Participant funding will be provided, and meaningful aboriginal consultation by both Crowns will be undertaken, according to the press release.

"Participant funding to participate in this review and the hearings should exceed the level of funding for the Wuskwatim hearings," said Gaile Whelan Enns, adding, "There are more stakeholders, affected communities, and environmental effects from Lake Winnipeg regulation. It is also time for the government to act on CEC recommendations for the hydro system in northern Manitoba to move from only interim licenses for the dams. A public review and hearings are needed."

Manitoba Hydro has used Lake Winnipeg as a reservoir for power generation since the 1970s, under an interim regulation and license. On December 22, 2010 Manitoba Hydro requested a final license. Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger announced in a media interview January 4, 2011 public hearings would be a part of determining whether or not, and under what terms, a permanent licence for Lake Winnipeg regulation would be granted.

The hearings, likely in late fall 2011, will be the first time in almost 40 years Manitoba Hydro will answer questions about the consequences of its regulation of lake levels.

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Source: Government of Manitoba
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