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Canada's Environment Minister Announces 'Fracking' Studies 24 September 11

frack water Minister Peter Kent announced two separate reviews on the science and use of hydraulic fracturing by the energy industry in Canada and its impact on the environment. The Council of Canadian Academies will conduct a review that will take up to two years, and Environment Canada officials will also conduct a review. Hydraulic fracturing is increasing as the industry accesses shale containing natural gas.

Jurisdictions around the world are halting fracking operations, and reviewing the technology and environmental effects, including New York State, State of New Jersey, Quebec, France, South Africa, and Finland.

The EPA in the US is also studying potential impacts of the fracking process on drinking water and groundwater.

'Fracking' is defined in the Oxford online dictionary as a verb that is a synonym for hydraulic fracturing. This is a form of natural gas extraction that consistently pollutes drinking water around drilling sites. This method was featured in the 2011 Oscar-nominated documentary "Gasland".

Hydraulic fracturing involves injecting water often mixed with sand and chemicals under high pressure, typically through horizontal wells, to break up tight rock formations thousands of metres underground.

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