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Lake Winnipeg Terms of Reference Inadequate 14 October 11

Lake Winnipeg Premier Greg Selinger announced public hearings regarding the final license for Lake Winnipeg Regulation (LWR).

This was confirmed in a July 5th, 2011 Manitoba Government press release and two letters sent to CEC Chair Terry Sargent from Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie on July 5th and September 1st, 2011.

Manitoba Hydro has used Lake Winnipeg as a reservoir for power generation since an interim license was granted in 1972. Manitoba Hydro requested a final license December 22, 2010.

In a joint letter signed by Manitoba first nation, faith-based, and environmental organizations the signatories urge Premier Selinger to ensure that the terms of reference include: an operational and historic review of Lake Winnipeg Regulation, an environmental effects assessment, and funding for both citizens and independent experts to participate in the hearings.

"More than two years of closed meetings about the Churchill River Diversion have passed without public meetings. There is an obvious connection between Lake Winnipeg Regulation and the Churchill River Diversion Project. This means we also need a public process and/or hearings for the Churchill River Diversion as suggested by the CEC after the Wuskwatim hearings," said Gaile Whelan-Enns.

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Source: Manitoba Wildlands and Manitoba Eco-Network Water Caucus
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