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Yinka Dene Freedom Train Challenges Enbridge 4 May 12

Yinka Dene Alliance logo The Yinka Dene Alliance (YDA) Freedom Train to stop Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline is in Winnipeg May 3rd to May 6th on its way to Enbridge's AGM on May 9th. The Yinka Dene Alliance group of First Nations traditional lands comprise a full twenty-five percent of the planned path for Enbridge's Northern Gateway Pipeline. YDA has officially banned the Northern Gateway Pipeline in their traditional territory using their traditional laws. Never having given up their sovereign rights as nations, YDA First Nations are using the Freedom Train to raise awareness about their use of their laws to enforce their ban on the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. Others are boarding the train as it travels across Canada.

Yinka Dene Alliance was a leading creator of the Save the Fraser River Declaration signed by almost 200 First Nations in solidarity to protect the environment of their traditional lands. Representatives of the Yinka Dene Alliance will attend Enbridge's Annual General Meeting in Toronto, Ontario to enforce their ban of the construction of pipelines in their traditional territories.

"We're travelling across Canada to tell Enbridge that they will not be permitted to build their pipelines through our lands, period, said Chief Jackie Thomas of Saik'uz First Nation. "The fight against Enbridge is a fight for our freedom to govern ourselves and to choose our own future. We will not accept the government imposing a decision on us and forcing this pipeline through our lands.

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