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Keeyask EIS Available, Review Period Short 31 August 12

Keeyask Project logo The environmental impact statement (EIS) for Manitoba Hydro's 695 mega watt Keeyask generation station on the Nelson River in north eastern Manitoba is now in public registries. The full set of materials was filed in registries on August 17. This followed a partial filing in early July, 2012. The deadline for review comments is September 20, 2012. Several thousand pages of assessment and technical reports are included.

The project is also subject to federal review, and an environmental comprehensive report, under the original Canadian Environmental Act. A cooperative federal-provincial environmental assessment has been underway since 2010, with EIS guidelines being issued in March 2012.

Manitoba Wildlands participated in the review of the project scoping document, which was used as the basis for EIS guidelines. We have posted updates to our Keeyask contents, see links below.

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View February 2012, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Draft Keeyask EIS Guidelines
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