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BiPole III Hearings Start in Winnipeg, Now on Tour 5 October 12

The first week of BiPole III environmental review hearings ended Friday October 5, 2012. The Clean Environment Commission (CEC) conducts the review hearings, and now goes on tour around Manitoba for three weeks. Winnipeg hearings resume October 29, 2012.

Manitoba Wildlands is an unfunded participant in these hearings, and is posting transcripts, presentations, and other materials on its website. Bipole III products available from Manitoba Wildlands include an expanded outline of the initial Environmental Impact Statement, and a chronological chart that provides CEC proceedings information.

Week one of the hearings included presentations by Manitoba Hydro staff concerning aspects of the 1400 km direct current bi pole project. The transmission system that would run from a converter station in northern Manitoba near sites for two new intended generation stations to another converter station east of Winnipeg.

Manitobans can register to speak at the hearings, including at tour locations, by contacting the CEC through their website or by phone. Written submissions are also accepted until November 1, 2012.

Consumers Association of Manitoba and The Green Action Centre are holding a workshop in Dauphin Manitoba, October 11, 2012, to assist Manitobans who intend to make a presentation at the hearings. The workshop will be held at the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre.

Links to CEC tour information, workshops, and CEC materials provided below. Several presentations from week one are still not public.

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View CEC and Green Action Centre workshop for presenters in Dauphin, Manitoba
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