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National Energy Board Supports Whistleblower 19 October 12

Evan Voskes, a former engineer with TransCanada Pipeline repeatedly raised concerns over substandard practices on the TransCanada Pipeline. When internal channels failed to address his concerns, he went to Canada's National Energy Board (NEB).

Voskes' complaints to the NEB include his concerns about the competency of some pipeline inspectors and TransCanada's lack of compliance with welding regulations set by the NEB. An audit by the NEB of TransCanada Pipeline practices and adherence to regulations, confirmed Vokses' allegations. The NEB has announced a further audit of TransCanada's inspection and engineering proceadures.

"There is an inherent conflict when a prime contractor does his own inspections," Voskes said in an interview, "especially when the project involves gas pipelines under high pressure because the consequence could be greater since it relates to public safety."

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