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Environment Hearings & Economic Review for Dams Announced 16 November 12

The Manitoba government made two announcements about Hydro projects November 12, 2012.

Minister Gord MacKintosh referred the Keeyask Generation Station and transmission system to the Clean Environment Commission (CEC) for review and public hearings. The minister acknowledges that the Canadian Environment Assessment Agency will undertake an assessment of the project.

Public comments on the Environment Impact Statement (EIS) for the Keeyask dam and its transmission are due December 21, 2012. A technical advisory committee (TAC) made up of both federal and provincial agencies also reviews the EIS and provides technical review comments. All correspondence, the EIS, TAC and public review comments are part of the public registry file under the Environment Act.

The terms of reference for the CEC hearings were also released, and are available on the conservation department webpage. The CEC will post information, set schedules, seek participants for the hearings in the near future. The hearings will occur in affected communities and in Winnipeg. Participant funding will be available.

A second announcement by Minister MacKintosh directs the Public Utility Board to conduct a 'Needs for and Alternatives To' review of: Keeyask and Conawapa generation stations, and associated transmission facilities. No mention of export sale agreements, or the transmission line required for recent export sales to Wisconsin appears in the press release.

A Public Utilities Board sub panel will conduct the review. Terms of reference will be public in early 2013.

View November 14, 2012 Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship letter to CEC
View November 16, 2012 Government of Manitoba news release
View November 16, 2012 Government of Manitoba news release
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