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CEC Bipole III Hearings Adjourned Until March 2013 16 November 12

During week seven of the Clean Environment Commission CEC) hearings regarding the Bipole III DC transmission system, proposed by Manitoba Hydro, the CEC chair announced an upcoming adjournment until March 2013. The announcement was made Tuesday, November 13, 2012.

During week five of the CEC hearings Manitoba Hydro revealed it was making three changes in the route for the Bipole III corridor. A presentation about the route changes was made during the hearing, and is recorded in the transcript. Questions regarding environmental statements (EIS), full information, additional requirements on participants, review of these route changes by the public and hearing participants went into the record.

Letters on November 2 and November 9 addressed to Manitoba Hydro from the director of licensing for the Environment Act clarified that EIS materials will be filed under the Environment Act, and undergo the usual reviews.

Manitoba Hydro has to file the EIS to support these route changes by January 28, 2013. The chair of the CEC, Mr. T Sargent, has indicated that hearings will resume in early March, 2013. Due to the adjournment on November 22, 2012, closing statements from participants are held over until hearings resume in March 2013.

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