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CEAA Invites Comments on Keeyask 30 November 12

Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) invites public comments on the potential environmental effects of the Keeyask Generation Project and the proposed measures to prevent or mitigate those effects. Written comments are due by December 21, 2012.

Following this comment period, CEAA will prepare the Comprehensive Study Report, setting out its conclusions on the environmental effects, the proposed mitigation measures and the significance of any remaining adverse environmental effects. A public comment period on the Comprehensive Study Report will be announced at a later date.

The proposed Keeyask Generation Project, is a $5.6 billion 695-megawatt hydroelectric dam, slated for development by Keeyask Hydro Power Limited Partnership (between Manitoba Hydro and four nearby Manitoba First Nations) on the Nelson River at Gull Rapids near Gillam, Manitoba.

Modern dams in Manitoba require at least three licenses. Two licenses from the Manitoba government: a Water Power Act license, and an Environment Act License; plus a federal permit under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA).

The federal environmental assessment also considers a proposal by Manitoba Hydro for a 22 kilometre transmission line to provide construction power to the Keeyask Generation Project and three 35 kilometre long transmission lines within a single corridor to transmit electricity from the Keeyask Generation Project to the existing Radisson Converter Station near Gillam, Manitoba.

Unlike CEAA, the Manitoba Government Environmental Approvals Branch is attempting to license the Keeyask Infrastructure, Keeyask Generation, and Keeyask Transmission projects separately.

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Source: Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
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