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CEC Responds to Bipole III Motion 25 January 13

The Bipole III Coalition, a grass-roots organization of Manitoba citizens concerned about the routing of Bipole III, filed a notice of motion with the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission (CEC) on January 11, 2013.

The motion requested that participants be allowed to cross-examine Manitoba Hydro witnesses and bring evidence forward relating to Bipole III Route changes and construction methods, possible use of underground cable in agricultural areas, and alternative options to Bipole III terminating at the Riel Converter Station as proposed by Manitoba Hydro.

On January 18, 2013 the CEC issued a decision indicating that:
  1. The Bipole III Coalition and other Participants will be allowed to cross-examine Manitoba Hydro on the issues relating to:
    • The feasibility of terminating Bipole III at the Dorsey Converter Station and re-routing Bipole II to the Riel Converter Station; and
    • The feasibility of using underground cable for part of the Bipole III Route which traverses agricultural land.
  2. The Bipole III Coalition will be allowed to present expert evidence in the form of two reports dealing with both of these options.

Hearings are currently recessed due to the new route changes and are scheduled to resume March 4, 2013 in Winnipeg, when the CEC will review the supplemental EIS on route changes that Manitoba Hydro has indicated it will file January 28, 2012. Closing statements from Participants, and outstanding presentations are also part of the March hearings.

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Source: Manitoba Clean Environment Commission
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