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Manitoba Not Ready For Climate Change 29 May 15

A water security expert says climate change will have dire consequences on Manitoba's infrastructure and consequently its economy, unless something changes. Bob Sandford, EPCOR Water Security Research Chair at United Nations University, began working to help solve water-related climate issues in Manitoba a decade ago. His first focus was on Lake Winnipeg now his focus is the province's infrastructure.

"You see that there are larger changes to the hydrologic cycle that are causing more frequent flooding, greater storms and causing greater infrastructure damage. We are of the view that this could have serious economic consequences for the province, so our meeting today is about how we deal with those matters,"

Sandford spoke to the Threatened Infrastructure conference Thursday, May 7th, in Winnipeg, hosted by the Manitoba Capital Region.

The 2011 flooding in Manitoba, which damaged homes and displaced hundreds, cost more than $1 Billion to fight, and that does not include massive post-flood damages that are still being tallied. Manitoba needs a plan to mitigate climate change impacts.

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