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Renewables The Key To Climate Goals - IRENA 30 January 16

According to a report released January 30th, 2016, countries can deliver on the promises of the historic Paris climate change agreement by rapid scaling up wind and solar power to 36% of the global energy mix by 2030.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) meeting in Abu Dhabi - the first major global gathering since Paris - is seen as an important test of countries' readiness to put those plans into action.

Technology will help solve our energy issues. The urgency of climate change and the energy needs in the poorest parts of the world require an aggressive global program for zero-emission energy innovation. The new model will be a public-private partnership between governments, research institutions, and investors. Scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs can invent and scale the innovative technologies that will limit the impact of climate change while providing affordable and reliable energy to everyone.

"The Paris agreement set a long-term vision for the deep reduction of global emissions and the need to decarbonise the energy sector," Adnan Amin, IRENA's director general said in a prepared statement. "The IRENA assembly must now take the next steps and establish a blueprint for action to meet our climate goals and set the world on a path to a sustainable energy future."

In an effort to spur countries to action, the IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) report released found doubling the share of renewables by 2030 would increase global GDP by up to 1.1% or about $1.3tn, and provide jobs for more than 24 million in the renewable sector.

Not only can renewables achieve the desired shift in energy generation for climate goals, but the shift to renewables will also be a complete economic win both short and long-term with regards to job creation and return on investment.

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