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Manitoba Protected Areas Audit Released During Election 15 April 16

Manitoba Wildlands has released its multi year audit of government steps to establish protected areas, based on public policy and commitments. Based on actions since January 1, 2013 the audit includes any crown land designation that is protected. These may be wildlife management areas, ecological reserves, provincial forest areas, park reserves, national parks or provincial parks.

There is a discrepancy between Manitoba government data for the protected lands that shows 12% versus Manitoba Wildlands' data at 9.9%. Regulations for protection from mining are missing for some designations as of December 31,2015.

"We have spent much of the winter identifying gaps in the regulatory system for protected areas, with the aim of urging government departments to complete the steps needed for protected areas already announced. Often it is the Mines Act regulation that is missing. As of April 13 some of these regulations are still outstanding. Included in the missing regulations are the First Nations traditional lands planning areas for the future World Heritage Site. The tracking chart shows NO in the column regarding protection from mining.

Manitoba needs to return to its former rigor and professionalism regarding the scientific, consultative, and regulatory steps for protected areas establishment," indicated Gaile Whelan Enns, director of Manitoba Wildlands.

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View Manitoba Wildlands' 2015 Protected Areas Audit (PDF)

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